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Von der Keilschrift zum Emoji
19. May - 27. September

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FSJ Kultur im Gutenberg-Museum

Wir bieten im Gutenberg-Museum zum April und September ein Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr Kultur (FSJ) an.

Informationen über die FSJ-Plätze im Druckladen (Museumspädagogik) finden Sie hier.

Informationen über den FSJ-Platz in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit finden sie hier.

Freundeskreis Gutenberg

Seien Sie dabei im Freundeskreis Gutenberg!

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The online store of the Gutenberg-shop sells gifts, books and items ranging from the practical to the novel, all of which focus on Johannes Gutenberg and the art of printing. You can order goods at leisure from our secure internet shop or visit us in person in Mainz. We look forward to your visit!


Museum guide to the Gutenberg-Museum

The Museum Guide to the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz gives detailed informations on many items that can be seen upon a visit to our world-famous museum in Mainz. The museum is dedicated to the fine art of printing and its master Johannes Gutenberg. Available in English, German French and Japanese. 4.80 €

Aventur & Kunst

Ausführlicher Katalog anläßlich der historischen Ausstellung zu Gutenbergs 600. Geburtstag im Jahr 2000: Eine umfassende Darstellung zu Leben und Werk sowie der spätmittelalterlichen Mainzer Stadtgeschichte. Broschur: 15 Euro, mit festem Einband: 39 Euro. 716 S.

Gutenberg. Man of the Millennium

From a secret enterprise to the first media revolution. (engl.) Mainz 2000 226 pages (abridged edition) Hardcover Preis: 39 €

Gutenberg for Kids

This museum guide for kids offers on 52 pages all aspects of Gutenbergs inventions and the age of the late Middle Ages he lived in.
The guide is suitable for kids from 9 years and older. At the end of each chapter the young readers can improve their knowlwedge in funny quizzes.
A detailed glossary explains all the unknown terms.
Available in German, English and French
52 pages, four-colour-printing

Gutenberg-Shop Mainz

Der Druckladen des Gutenberg-Museums

by Dr. Otto Martin. This book pays homage to the Print Shop, to its founding, to the various events and campaigns it has staged over the years and to the people who work here and have made it their business to promote Gutenberg's genial legacy. Gutenberg Museum and Druckladen, Mainz, 1st edition, 2004. Hardback. 108 pages, €19.95 (In German)

Gutenberg-Shop Mainz

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